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15 Reasons Why You Should Be Storing Stuff You’re Not Using

Clear up your life, and stash away your stuff.

Ladies and gents, our society has a “stuff” addiction. Our society glamorizes shopping, encourages us to buy stuff we don’t need, and also tends to suggest we constantly upgrade. Stuff can be good, but there’s always truth to the phrase “too much of a good thing.”

If you’re big into shopping or just buying the latest and greatest, you might end up with a lot of gear that we just don’t really have room for. Sure, certain things can be useful once in a while, but that doesn’t mean that we always have room for it.

People who are highly minimalistic will tell you that having too much stuff in your home can cause a lot of problems. If you’re ready to start clearing up your life, it may be time to look into storage services like Shed.

You would be shocked at how much of a difference using storage can make. The reasons described below are proof that storing little-used items can help you change your life for the better.

Storing little-used items in a separate area makes your home easier to clean.

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Did you ever notice how much dust tends to collect when your table is filled with odds and ends? Anyone who has tried to clean a room filled with items that are barely ever used can tell you that every extra item you own will make a room harder and more time-consuming to clean.

The more items you have in your home, the harder it is to keep your home from turning into a mess. If you hate cleaning, then you really should start moving items into a separate storage facility. When you have fewer items to pick up, move around, polish, and dust, your cleaning time drops.

The biggest change you’ll notice is how much more relaxed you are without a home jam-packed with stuff.

Did you ever notice how suffocating being in a home that’s filled to the brim with items can be? If you get a bit more annoyed and agitated in rooms that are crowded with things that are never used, you’re not alone.

Apparently, storing away things that don’t get much use can help ease anxiety and promote mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that rooms that have less objects inside them are seen as more relaxing.

The biggest issue people have when they decide to get rid of stuff in their homes is the potential of losing things that they may eventually need. That’s why it’s often wiser to use a storage service like Shed than it is to just toss out things that you use once in a blue moon.

With Shed, if you need one of the items that you have in storage, you just need to order it back to your home via the easy-to-use app. Within two to five hours, that item will be delivered to your home. When you’re ready to get it out of your home again, just call up Shed to have them bring it back into storage.

It’s easier to find things when you have less to sort through.

Did you ever have to sort through a messy house to try to find your keys? It’s a chaotic ordeal that can make you late for an appointment or just make you feel lost. If you’ve ever had to bolt through rooms, tipping over every little thing to find your keys or wallet, you already know how aggravating it is.

Most of us have had points where the stuff we’ve bought hindered our ability to keep ourselves organized. Putting stuff you don’t regularly use in storage cuts the need to hunt for keys, wallets, and other daily use items in half.

More stuff means more allergies.

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Stuff collects dust, especially if it isn’t frequently used. The more cluttered up your place is, the more dust will collect. If you have allergies, all that extra dust can take a serious toll on your health and wellbeing.

Take a look around your home. Do you find yourself in an uphill battle with dust? If so, it may be time to clear out your home of the things you really don’t need.

It also dissuades unwanted pests.

There’s a reason why pests are attracted to hoarder homes, you know. Excess items give bugs and other pests new places to hide, multiply, and skitter around unnoticed. It’s also way harder to clean areas that have too many obstacles, which makes it possible for errant crumbs to turn into food for smaller critters.

By reducing the amount of goods you have in your home, you make your place less hospital to creepy crawlies. That’s actually why many pest control experts emphasize keeping a clean, litter-free home.

Having less stuff around your home is also seen as more visually appealing.

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Most people can tell you that hotel rooms often seem to emphasize a mess-free aesthetic that keeps things bare-bones. That’s by design—and not just because it’s easier for the staff members to clean, either.

Visually speaking, minimalist homes tends to be seen as more appealing, more organized, and more enjoyable. Keeping your items to a minimum is a great way to make sure that you have a home that will continue to elicit compliments from guests for years to come.

Most people also enjoy having more space.

Homes are now being made at increasingly large sizes, and that’s partly because of all the extra items we now own. If you have an older, smaller home, then you probably might be feeling a bit cramped due to the amount of goods you need to own.

Every single item that you own, useful or otherwise, will take up space and make you forget how much room you really do have in your home. If you’ve been feeling pretty claustrophobic, there’s a quick fix you can choose.

The fix for this is really simple—storage! Even removing something as simple as a bread maker you only use twice a year can make a huge difference in how open, free, and airy your home feels.

By storing your stuff rather than throw it away, you can also figure out what you actually need.

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If you want to downsize your life and free yourself from excess materialism, using a storage facility is a great way to do it. Shed automatically catalogues all the items that you choose to store with them. If you realize that you don’t use an item after about a year of it being in your storage facility, you simply ask for the item back and throw it out.

You would be shocked at how many things quickly become “out of sight, out of mind.” By using a storage facility to suss out what you really should keep stored and what needs to be tossed out, you can help release yourself from too much bulk in your life.

There’s also a slightly lowered chance of getting hurt from stepping on the wrong thing.

Old gear and other items have a natural tendency of getting in our way, and that tends to cause small accidents to happen. Parents who may have stepped on a LEGO or students who have fallen over a laundry hamper can tell you that tripping over small messes left on the ground is not a pleasant experience.

The less items that you have strewn about your floor or hanging off the edge of your desk, the better off you’ll be—at least in terms of the likelihood of trying to avoid accidents.

Think about how much work it takes to throw a party. You have to clean your home, make space for guests, lock up valuables, and also put together a nice menu for everyone involved. Cleaning and just keeping items out of the way, though, tends to be the biggest pain in the rear end.

The biggest hurdle entertainers face is making sure they have enough room for guests. By removing your stuff and placing it in storage, you are making it possible to get your home prepped for guests sooner and also free up space for any other people they may bring to your place.

Better still, having a storage facility allows you to effortlessly find special party supplies that otherwise end up jammed into difficult-to-reach places. Before the invention of professional on-demand storage, you probably had to hunt through tons of boxes in the attic to find your Christmas decor.

On-demand storage means that finding those decorations becomes fast and effortless—as does cleanup. This means you can easily order that special Christmas decor the day before your party, send it back after you clean up, and ignore the fact that it exists until next holiday season.

If you work at home, you might notice that your concentration will improve.

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It’s amazing how much of an effect a cramped, junk-filled room can turn into a distraction. It makes eyes wander, minds turn undisciplined, and even exacerbate anxiety that can make it difficult to focus on subjects at hand.

A place that keeps a minimalist appearance is a place where you can focus. By removing all the “extras,” you’re forcing your mind to focus. After all, they can’t distract you if you decide to remove them from sight.

When you have less stuff, it’s easier to change your home’s appearance.

Did you ever notice how much all the extra little stuff you own dictates the look of your room? The more stuff you have, the harder it is to make a dramatic change in your home’s look. When you have a home that is minimalist in nature, your aesthetics become more malleable.

In a minimalist home, doing something as simple as changing the color of your sheets can turn your room into a totally different place. If you love flexibility with your home’s appearance, you need to get a storage unit.

Many people tend to keep items that hold bad memories, simply because they aren’t ready to let them go. They keep them in their homes, which leads to them being stuck in the past, which in turn, keeps them feeling depressed and anxious.

An “out of sight, out of mind” approach to items that have negative memories tied to them can be incredibly healing for people who aren’t fully ready to part ways yet. By taking those items out of your home, you give yourself enough time to distance yourself from the memories and overcome the trauma.

It doesn’t really make sense to have to brush aside your Christmas tree in order to get to other items in your closet, does it? When you use some goods only once a year, it sometimes is better to just store them elsewhere and have them delivered on demand.

With Shed, you no longer have to worry about sifting through your Christmas decor to get your Halloween-related goods. If it’s far more convenient to use a storage facility to store all those little extras in life, by all means, you should. More often than not, you’ll find that it’s worth every penny.

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