Electrical Energy

Energy is a system that available in the nature but it is produced according to the changing human needs. So it is produced depend on how to use and in which sector will be used. But in today’s conditions, energy gets in a great and serious development phase and now occured some studies about the renewable energy. If we need to take a look at what is renewable energy, it is said that renewable energy is a source of the natural process  that never ends and always goes on. Renewable energy flow is never stopped and it is in a natural converting process always. When we look at today’s global energy sector, fossil fuel is used in a 80% rate. However, Turkey has a serious chance about the renewable energy sources, especially like coal. We should not jumble the petrol and natural gas into the renewable energy kinds. Because this fuels have a resource and this resource as well has an ending. However, the solar energy is a renewable and a natural energy. Thanks to the electricity that produced by the Solar panel you can do your many jobs as well.

You can benefit from the water or from sun on the phase of producing electrical energy. Therefore, here the most important point is to be knew how to use the source of the energy. Well, if you ask “What are the sources of energy?”, we can list these like this: Sun, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydraulic, hydrogen, ocean energy (wave and tidal energy). These energy kinds never finish in the nature and they will always exist. True using of these energies will provide you saving and additionally, a boundless energy will be existed.

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