Autoclave Sterilization

What is Autoclave Tape?

The Autoclave tape used to provide information about whether the sterilization package has been exposed to sterilization has an indicator structure. Offering a practical use, the tape sticks easily but does not break easily. Steam pressure autoclave tape is rolled up. Roll winding is smooth and regular. The steam indicator tape provides clear control of the standard data in the autoclave during the sterilization application. Autoclave tape, which allows the observation of critical parameter formations with the logarithmic change of the reference color, does not leave any traces or particles in the area it adheres after use.

Autoclave Sterilization

Whichever method it is sterilized, it should be ensured that each step of the process is performed correctly in the control of sterilization. It is necessary to have evidence that each step has been tested. As proof of effective sterilization process; physical control, chemical control and biological controls must be carried out and documented.

Sterilization Monitoring:

  1. Mechanical, chemical and biological monitors can be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process.
  2. All parts should be monitored using mechanical (eg time, temperature and pressure) and Chemical indicators.
  3. chemical indicator must be placed inside all packages.
  4. All packages and instruments should be placed in the sterilizer neatly and loosely so as not to prevent penetration of the sterilizing agent.
  5. If mechanical and chemical indicators show inadequate progress, the instrument package should not be used.
  6. The sterilizer should be monitored at least once a week using a biological indicator.

In vacuum steam sterilizers, the ability to remove the air from the sterilizer chamber and prevent the re-entry of air, saturated whether the steam enters the load planned to be sterilized quickly and properly can be checked with the Bowie-Dick test. Bowie dick test; It should be done every day before the first use, if the device is operated without turning it off, it can be done at the same time every day. For an effective sterilization in steam sterilization, the steam must reach all surfaces to be sterilized in the form of saturated steam and maintain its effect at the appropriate temperature and time.

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