Turkish citizenship by property

In order to get citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, one of the most important and respected citizenship in the world, the conditions were allevied. With the official decision taken on 19.09.2018, the citizens of foreign countries will now have the right to become a Turkish citizen when they purchase a 250,000-dollar property in Turkey. As Halic Property Company, we support you for all operations. In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, it is sufficient to give us a power of attorney. We complete your transactions in the quickest way and ensure that you become a Turkish citizen as soon as possible.

For Turkish citizenship by investment, this may be your last chance. You can enjoy your Turkish citizenship without taking any bureaucratic process by taking Halic Property’s consultancy service. Our company, which has been serving for years, has helped thousands of foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship. All our transactions are contractual and official. We are assisting you with our expert team. Our service continues until you get your Turkish citizenship identity.

In many countries, foreigners who buy property are granted this privilege. Turkish citizenship by property application, just started. And we serve you to make the right choice for this. We do not only buy property for you, and also pay attention to the fact that the real estate you buy is profitable. We are buying high-profit real estate and are registering on your behalf. During these intensive operations, you only come to sign and receive your deed. We guarantee that your application will result in 100% success. After the sale process, our consultancy service continues. Our after-sales support team helps you with your different investments. As a halic Property team, we are always ready to listen and help you. Just call us and take the first step for Turkish citizenship.

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