Turkey VPS

Servers are computers, which are made for working 24/7 stable and secure. Servers are using for running websites and applications on the internet. Basically, it is similar with the standard personal computers. The main difference is stability,  high-end technology and enterprise level components.

Dedicated servers are the servers, which are dedicated to only one user. All computer will give service to only one user. All resources are dedicated and can use 100%. Dedicated server’s location choices are important. If you are going to give service to spesific country, it is always better to rent dedicated server from that country. For example, if you have lots of clients from Turkey, it will be convinient to get Turkey Dedicated Server.

Virtual Private Servers are similar with the dedicated servers. The difference is, dedicated server is using by multiple users. Resources are separating with the virtualization softwares are each container will give service to another client. Usage methods and types are the same with the dedicated servers. Like the dedicated servers, it is better to choose a VPS from the most traffic incoming country. For instance, If your clients are coming from 85% from Turkey, get a Turkey VPS or incoming traffic is mostly from Switzerland, get a Switzerland VPS.

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