Stellite mining pool

Stellite Mining Pool

Stellite is one of the most rapidly growing crypto currencies. Stellite has a decentralized system like the other cyripto currencies and it is generated by Hayzam Sherif, 18 year old entrepreneur. Online wallet can be created with the help of Stellite and money can be saved in the wallet by online crypto mining. You can mining XTL to become a Stellite owner. You can perform all of the XTL transactions without any problems via the Stellite infrastructure.

How Stellite Mining Pool Works?

Using Cryptonight (Stellite v7) system, you can safely and quickly perform the mining activities of Stellite mining pool, which has a total number of supplies of 21 billion, through our website that provides you with crypto mining. Our cyripto mining system has 15 minute payment interval. You can earn 20 XTL as minimum amount from pool mining of Stellite. In cryptographic money poor mining operations using our system, the pool usage fee is determined as 0.9 percent. Our pool hash rate is 13.73 kH / sec.

In the mining activities you have done with our solo mining option, the payment interval is again 15 minutes. The minimum win amount is 20 XTL. In solo mining activities, the cost of using pool was determined as 0.9 percent.

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