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Hybrid Grass

27 Haziran 2019 - 586 views kez okunmuş
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Hybrid Grass

You Can Make A Good Investment With Hatko Sport’s Artificial Grass

The use of artificial turf is constantly increasing due to the limited use of natural grass and the rapid wear. Along with natural turf, artificial turf is very long life, installation and maintenance after carefully done artificial turf for many years can easily use and customers can please. You will definitely not regret the investment in hybrid grass and you will realize how accurate your investment with positive feedback from your customers is.

Today, the artificial grass demand is so high. As Hatko Sport, our product range are quite large. We produce Omega XL, Omega Turf, Invicto, Maxima, Spine Turf, Performa, Duograss, (Duo Grass) Multi Sport, Non-Fill and similar grass varieties. If you want to get information about our different grass products, you can check our products in the products section of our website.

Artificial lawn sports are more and more popular in our country and artificial turf floors are ideal for athletes to exercise in a healthier and better quality area. He’s more professional. Therefore, the performance of your carpet area affects the performance of the athletes positively and negatively. As Hatko Sport we strive to offer you the best quality and most reliable carpet pitch. You can always get support from our professional team, not only for the construction of the carpet field.

As Hatko Sport, we have been serving the world in artificial turf sector for many years with our vast experience. Our company, which has achieved many successes in and out of the country, adds a new success to its every day. Today we are going to review Hatko Sport’s artificial turf floor types.

As it is seen, Hatko Sport is one of the leading companies in the world with its superior experience.

If you want to get more information please contact us.

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