Getting pregnant

Women who want to experience a healthy and smooth gestation should be very careful about their nutrition and their daily life. Healthy pregnancy begins before pregnancy period. If ya woman wants to get pregnant, she should first contact a gynecologist and check her status. If the pregnancy is not planned, it should be passed in the doctor’s control when it is noticed. During the pregnancy period, the mother needs to pay attention to the use of folic acid. If pregnancy is planned, use of folic acid should be initiated three months before pregnancy.

Although advanced medicine can cure many diseases, there are many women who still cannot get pregnant. Although advanced Medicine finds a cure for many diseases, there are still many women seeking remedy for Getting pregnant. Some of the women who are experiencing this problem can get pregnant with IVF, but some of them cannot conceive. Excessive weight taken before pregnancy can cause big problems during and after the pregnancy process. Excess weight makes the mother uncomfortable. For example, pregnancy sugar can be seen and temporary during pregnancy. But if mother doesn’t pay attention, it can go on.  The mother candidate must remember that she carries another life and should be very sensitive and careful about prenatal nutrition. If you stay away from bad habits and live in controlled process before pregnancy, you will have no problems .

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