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Chain link fence

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Chain link fence


Saglam Fence, founded in Istanbul 20 years ago, is committed to the environment and human security. Our company, which has highly experienced and well-qualified personnel, performs its production in wire mesh fence sector in a professional way.

We make a difference with the way we work!

We listen to you first and offer you the right solution for your environment. We are aware that your time is valuable and we start our work at the time we promised, we carry the necessary equipment with us continuously to prevent unnecessary time losses. We do things with a smiling face. We stand behind our works, answer your questions after the installation, prevent you from becoming a victim by intervening when necessary, and try to create happy customers. We know that the success is not the number of jobs done, but the result of the work done with the right customers recommend us. Therefore, our aim is to work with 100% customer satisfaction.

Call us!

We are one of the industry’s leading companies in wire mesh fence panels are widely used in the Turkey and all over the world. We are among the leading companies by leading the sector. We have All over the World service all the time. You can get information from our expert team both in Turkey and abroad. For more information please contact us. Hope you stay safe with Saglam Fence.

As Saglam Fence, we have nearly 20 years of experience in the sector and we are one of the leading companies in this sector. Our range of wire mesh fences is very wide. Razor wire, mobile fences, chain link fence, metal fences, metal fence gates. So if you want to protect your home, you can sleep peacefully in your house by choosing the Saglam Fence.

If you want to get more information, please contact us.

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